How can I lead my school in Leveraging Digital?

Innovative Education

Many school leaders are looking for the ways they can support Leveraging Digital in their schools. As the school leader, you do not need to be the expert on all things digital, but you do need to continually learn and model an interest in how learning environments, digital tools and resources, and modern pedagogy can deepen student learning.

  1. Get on Twitter
    I cannot think of one leadership move I have made that has transformed my thinking more than joining Twitter. I have been using this incredible tool for 7+ years. Many of you use Twitter through a school account to engage the community, but do you have a professional Twitter account where you can follow educational leaders from around the world? Don’t sit back and wait for PD to come to you – start seeking it out!
  2. Observe
    Take a really close look at the work on students’ desks. How…

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